one of the most headstrong gay people i know is voting for romney


Gay marriage will come eventually anyways.
Right now we need someone to fix america before it takes its last shit.
This election has more meaning than rights and welfare.

you do realize the economy is a lot better than it was 4 years ago right?

but, 4 years is a long time and people forget how bad it really was so everyone thinks because it’s not perfect that he must be doing something wrong.

Not to mention romney’s campaign is 11 mil in debt. if he can’t even keep that out of debt, how the fuck do you think he’s going to actually help the economy? Hell, he’d be even more in debt if some group(like the GOP or something) hadn’t sent him like, 20 mil.(think I’m making it up? google it. the Huntington post reported about it among other well known and respected news sites)

the election is many things, and I’m sorry but romney won’t fix a single one.






Come on now.


I read a really amazing post on a blog that I follow. If you believe in equal rights, gay rights, women’s rights, (all of the above, duh) please give this post a read, because not only is it funny, but it’s honest, and pure to the heart, and I just love it. 

Way to tell us what the post was, who it was that posted it, or anything that would help us find it in any kind of timely manor ;)

im a supporter of Mitt Romney, but i also support gay rights. im fighting for ymf rineds who are alwyas there for me

That’s quite the oxymoron you’ve got going there.

How can you support someone who not only will remove as many gay rights as he can get his hands on, but women’s rights as well.(hell, even minorities if he could I can promise you that)

I’m curious what it is you support about him. He changes his story so much I can’t tell where he stands on anything. Doesn’t help that he never f*kin answers a goddamned question.

Remember that “binders full of women” comment? How he talked about going and finding women to hire? Do you remember what the question was? “how do you feel about equal pay in the workforce?” How tha hell does him going out and getting “binders full of women” tell us how he feels about equal pay?

It doesn’t. Nothing he says(and turns around and says otherwise) truly tells us what he wants, how he feels, and where he stands.

At least Obama will give you a straight answer, whether or not you like it is up to you, but at least you have something to go on. You know what you’re supporting with him.

srsly though, what could you possibly see in romney? His stance on the economy? Did you know his entire campaign is in debt? by 11 million. ( ) It’d be over 20 million, but some group gave them quite a bit of money to ‘fix it’. If this mothafukka can’t even keep his campaign out of the toilet, how tha hell is he supposed to take care of the entire country’s economy? Chew on that one for a bit, and come and tell me why this dude deserves to be my president when every part of logical reasoning says otherwise?


“Say no to heterophobia”.

Heterophobia? This word seems to be used by the ever so eloquent and poised gentleman leader of the British National Party, Nick Griffin as an altertanitive to the usual; ‘homosexual’. Does that make me homophobic because I am only attracted to females?

If you haven’t heard about his shinnanigans already, please read on and check out my sources.

A gay couple booked a room at a B&B and paid their deposit. The owner of the B&B in question refused the couple’s right to stay in a double room together as it is a ‘sin’ to share a bed out of heterosexual marriage.

So, Miss. Wilkinson, do you check all of your guests that book a double room for wedding certificates and rings?

However outrageous you think this is, it pales in comparison to the actions of Nick Griffin. He chose, as an MEP (considered to be intelligent beings) belonging to one of our main political parties, to post his brilliant idea and view of the situation on Twitter. Attempting to encourage a protest outside the couple’s house by posting their address (yes, you read that correctly), Griffin has, slanderously or not, dubbed the couple ‘heterophobic’.

I would love to hear everyone’s view on the situation.



I think a large majority of republicans missed huge chunks of american history. and the past four years.

  • when we came to america to escape religious persecution.
  • when we stole all the land we now call the “united states of america”
  • when no minimum wage or child labor laws screwed people over.
  • when republicans essentially blocked everything the president tried to pass.
  • when women used their period power and hormones to stick it to the man.
  • and by that i mean, got their right to vote through an intense struggle.

I’d just like to point out that even when women were fighting for their right to vote, other women said that they shouldn’t have the right or didn’t deserve/need it.

It feels like the same exact thing when women today try to convince me that I don’t deserve or need birth control, health care, the right to choose, or equal pay.

I also feel that “gay is the new black.” (and someone’s going to get offended by that) Typically, straight, white, religious people don’t want gays to have the right to marry. I believe there was a time when white, religious people didn’t want black people to vote or go to the same places that they did.

Look, it’s just a matter of time before all the things we’re fighting for become basic rights. It’s just always the hardcore religious or the close-minded, rich, white people that we have to drag through the mud to get it done.

And in 50 years, everyone is going to realize you were just a dick.


I know Obama said he supports gay marriage and women’s rights and whatnot and I think that’s awesome but can someone please send me a link to a video of him actually saying he’ll actually take actions to improve the country for women or legalize marriage? I see quotes about him that makes it clear he supports it, but I never have heard him say he’ll make movements in favor of these things. 

I don’t have a quote, but I do know he tried to sign a bill or something that would allow women to be payed the same as a man for the same work, but it got shot down and he hasn’t been able to pick it back up. you can look for that. I know he made a commercial about it so there’s a start at least^^


29 September 2012, 1:58pm

Just 2.6 per cent of people questioned by the Office of National Statistics have said that they are either lesbian, gay or bisexual, leading the Christian Institute to question whether such a small populous should be given the right to marry.

Although charities such as Stonewall have long estimated the LGB population to be between six and ten per cent of the population, the findings of the Office of National Statistics survey were that 1.5 per cent of men say they are gay, 0.7 per cent of women say they are lesbian, and 0.4 per cent of people say they are bisexual.

The Christian Institute believe that the figures showed that the gay population is ‘tiny’, and therefore not worthy of being given equal rights to marry. Mike Judge of the organisation told the Daily Mail: “It is staggering that such a monumental change is being carried out on behalf of a tiny proportion of society.”

But Benjamin Cohen of Out4Marriage said: “Quite aside from the fact that many have questioned the accuracy and usefulness of the ONS’s surveys, even if the lesbian, gay and bisexual population was as low as is claimed, why should that therefore mean that LGBT people are entitled to less rights than heterosexual people?

He continued: “Jewish people make up less than half a per cent of the UK population. Yet as a Jew, I have the legal right to get married, for that marriage to be conducted by a Rabbi and recognised by the state, although obviously only currently to someone of the opposite sex. By the Christian Institute’s interpretation of population data, the Jewish population is presumably even more ‘tiny’, so presumably the Christian Institute believe that Jews should, like gay people, be denied the right to marry.”

Ben Summerskill of Stonewall criticised the Office of National Statistic’s research methods telling the Daily Mail: “People are not answering truthfully.

“There are genuinely good reasons for having accurate figures. For example, you do not need to have so many primary schools in Brighton as in Shrewsbury, because there are a lot of gay people in Brighton and, although some have children, they are likely to have fewer children. This is about public money.

“We reckon 6 per cent, the figure the Treasury has used for some time, is a sensible estimate.”

Despite protests, the official census does not include a question on sexuality.


A gay friend of mine said that he wished social issues, like equality for gays, abortion, etc., should stay out of politics for right now. He said that our country’s economy & well-being are in much greater peril & should be the focus of the president’s agenda. He said that, sure, it’d be nice to be legally married to the man he loves, but he can still have sex, can’t he? & besides, if they were able to get married, he wouldn’t have enough money to even have a nice wedding.

That’s nice and all, but I’d like the right to not be refused medical treatment if I get AIDS because I’m gay, or to be able to visit my partner if she gets sick; to be able to use my insurance to pay for her treatment because we may not have the money (because of the economy) to do so out of pocket. I would like to mot be evicted from my home or fired because I’m gay. Believe it or not that still happens all over the US.

Sure the economy is a big issue, but regardless of how much of it is fixed, it won’t do me much good if I or my partner is sick and we’re out of a home/job, and the entire country has the President’s approval to discriminate against me. Gay rights is about so much more than marriage. I wish more people would realize that.

(and this isn’t even touching on say, trans* issues. I don’t even want to imagine how bad that’d get)